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Human Resources Regulation and Compliance
Fraud Prevention IT
Training Product Design
Production Supply Chain/Logistics
Distribution Maintenance
Technical Support Call Centre
Marketing Online Marketing
Social Media Sales
Customer Service Web Design
Charity & Fundraising PR & Communications

All the above categories have the same entry criteria (see below). In addition to a 50 word summary of the team, all answers have a word limit of 250. Please ensure you address all the points in your submission to impress the judges!

What the judges want

  1. What were the team’s goals and objectives?
    • How did these goals align with the overall company direction?
    • How did the team meet and surpass the objectives?
  2. What results were achieved?
    • Describe achievements beyond the objectives (include customer testimonials, independent reviews, improvement in survey scores, presence in local/internal media, any other relevant awards.
  3. Provide evidence of the team’s dynamics:
    • How decisions were made.
    • Internal communications.
    • Recognition and reward.
    • Interaction with management.
    • Workload distribution.
    • Conflict resolution.
    • Team work and collaboration.
  4. How has the team developed and improved?
    • Provide evidence that your team has improved practices and developed innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies.
    • Describe programmes and training to improve services.
    • Provide examples of programmes the team has implemented.
  5. Please add any extra information to support your entry, such as:
    • Improving inclusivity/diversity in the workplace.
    • Outstanding contributions to the workplace or wider industry community.
    • Provide examples of programmes the team has implemented.

How to enter

Submit your entries through our online portal. Everything is done online. There are no printed entries. Judges will see the same format for each entry, so don’t worry if you are a small company. It’s a level playing field!

  1. Navigate to the menu header “Entries” and click on “Enter Now” to access the entry portal, or click the link above.
  2. Complete the registration process
  3. Select the category you would like to enter.
  4. Complete the criteria (same for all questions) and upload any images, supporting files or YouTube links.
  5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any additional categories you would like to enter.
  6. When you are happy, click submit. There is no entry fee!

Remember, you can edit your entry as many times as you like up to the deadline.


Who can enter?

The Mobile Team Awards 2018 is open to any group of three or more people employed full time in any enterprise, company, and organisation involved in the development, distribution, marketing, promotion and sale of mobile network services, devices, and accessories for itself or on behalf of a mobile industry client. Both functional working teams and project-oriented teams can enter.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Absolutely. You can enter as many categories as you would like. There is also no fee for entering any of the categories.

What period does my entry have to cover?

An entry must relate to commercial activities carried out by a team working in the mobile channel and (where applicable) consumer channel from January 1, 2018 to present day.

Will the information in my entry be kept private and confidential?

Your entry will be seen by our panel of judges who will be asked to sign a declaration confirming that they will not reveal the contents of your entry. We also reserve the right to publish extracts from winning entries in print and online. If there is any sensitive information you would prefer not to be in the public domain you should mark it “Confidential”. We will not reproduce any data from your entry that is marked as “Confidential’. Please use this exclusion only where necessary. For example, requests to regard the ENTIRE entry as “Confidential” will not be acknowledged.

What hints and tips will help me produce an effective entry?

  • Your entry will be judged by mobile industry professionals, though you should assume they know little (if anything) about your organisation/service.
  • The judges have a limited amount of time to examine entries so keep your sentences short and concise.
  • Avoid waffle. Facts and stats are more powerful and impressive than flowery mission statements and PR puff.
  • If you make claims of being “biggest” and “best” – supply supporting evidence (e.g. customer feedback, independent market research etc).
  • There is the option to upload files (20 MB max) or provide judges with a custom URL so that you can direct them to any additional supporting material e.g. video and customer testimonials. We strongly recommend you make use of this.

When is the deadline?

We must receive your uploaded entry by midnight, September 14th.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Mobile Team Awards are open to firms and individuals within the UK Mobile Communications and related industries.
  2. The judging eligibility period runs from 1st January 2018 to present day. Any material that arises to support your entry outside this period will not be considered.
  3. Entries must be made via the online submission process on the Mobile Team Awards website only.
  4. Each category has a specific entry form, which can be found within the online entry portal. Entries will not be accepted by any other means. All questions on the category specific entry form should be answered. The text boxes are expandable and the word count for each text box must not exceed 250 words.
    1. Information supplied within the entry form will remain confidential. Mobile Team Awards reserve the right to refer to information supplied within the Awards Supplement or any other Awards related literature. Entrants may however mark sensitive parts of their entries “not for publication” provided such restrictions are not used unreasonably.
    2. When the entrant is submitting work/materials which are not their own/they do not own the rights to, it is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they have permission from the owner/3rd party to submit the entry and the owner/3rd party’s approval of the entry and any respective credits.
  5. Mobile Team Awards accepts no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.
  6. Firms or individuals may enter more than one category as appropriate.
  7. The judges reserve the right to re-categorise entries if they think another category would be more suitable. However, they will not routinely re-categorise incorrectly entered submissions.
  8. Any information submitted may be subject to verification.
  9. The judges’ decisions are final.
  10. Companies are not allowed to enter any category that they are sponsoring.
  11. All entries must be submitted by the deadline date of 14th September 2018. Entries can be edited at any time until the deadline date.
  12. Winners will be announced at the Mobile Team Awards ceremony on October 25 at Jumeirah Carlton Hotel, Knightsbridge.

Privacy Policy

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