Who are the judges?

The Mobile Team Awards will be judged by a panel of 15 independent mobile industry experts with experience of managing teams, setting strategies, and monitoring performance. They will be completely independent of Mobile News. We will announce the judging panel in mid-October.

How will they judge?

The judges will all access the entry portal through their own unique IDs. They will not know how the other judges are scoring the entries and every entry they see will be identical in format. They will read the criteria question answers and allocate a score for each entry. They will also view supporting material to help their understanding of your team and project.

What the judges will be looking for

The judges will be looking for clear objectives, creative and effective implementation and tangible and demonstrable results. They will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry. The will want to see evidence of great teamwork, effective implementation and tangible results.

Supporting material

Your entry can be supported by up to 20 MB of supporting materials, images and videos. This could include testimonials, marketing materials, social media content, client references, web site analytics, publications, photography, market research findings etc.


  1. What were the team’s goals and objectives?
    • How did these goals align with the overall company direction?
    • How did the team meet and surpass the objectives?
  2. What results were achieved?
    • Describe achievements beyond the objectives (include customer testimonials, independent reviews, improvement in survey scores, presence in local/internal media, any other relevant awards.
  3. Provide evidence of the team’s dynamics:
    • How decisions were made.
    • Internal communications.
    • Recognition and reward.
    • Interaction with management.
    • Workload distribution.
    • Conflict resolution.
    • Team work and collaboration.
  4. How has the team developed and improved?
    • Provide evidence that your team has improved practices and developed innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies.
    • Describe programmes and training to improve services.
    • Provide examples of programmes the team has implemented.
  5. Please add any extra information to support your entry, such as:
    • Improving inclusivity/diversity in the workplace.
    • Outstanding contributions to the workplace or wider industry community.
    • Provide examples of programmes the team has implemented.